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The team behin TyreStream®

Xerxes company behind TyreStream® and the add-on TICS®. We are a small software company lead by Dennis De Smet. We focus mainly on the development of these two products.

During the lifespan of the company, we built a knowledgebase for the tyre industry which allowed us to maintain contacts with many third parties. These contacts were tyre specialists, specialist groups, distrubutors and leasing companies.

This knowledge allows us to support our customers in a technical and practical manner. We support the renewed MRT (Maintenance Repair Tyres) formerly known as ROB. The package allows swift communication between the tyre specialist and the leasing companies as a year-long partner of RENTA, the group of leasing companies in Belgium.

The evolution of TyreStream® is led by the changes in the tyre industry and the needs of tyre specialists. We always think ahead, this provides our customers a competitive advantage in the tyre sector.


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The advantages of TyreStream®

Completely tailored to the needs of a tyre specialist

TyreStream® was developed from the demand for software by tyre specialists. From our grounded understanding of the tyre industry, we translated the needs of tyre specialists in a comprehensive interface.

µ In the past 20 years, TyreStream® has not stopped evolving. Choose for the future, choose for TyreStream®. More than 60% of the Belgian tyre specialists are enjoying the following advantages on a daily basis.

  • Save time by updating tyre prices automatically
  • Surprise customers with detailed offers in a manner of minutes
  • Increase your sales with efficient stock and agenda management
  • Avoid mistakes through worknotes and integrated quality checks
  • Fast and efficient invoicing for private persons and customers
  • Provide digital invoices for your customers to save on paper and hardware
  • Notify customers the day before by sending them a SMS message
  • Link TyreStream® to your accounting software
  • We work together with all leasing companies, making use of our unique MRTc link
  • Centralize tyre ordering with more than 15 integrations at the press of one button
  • Get detailed insight of your company with the use of our detailed statistics
  • Integrate third party systems like online agenda's of webshops with our API instructions
  • Send electronic invoices (EDI) to all tyre groups within Belgium
  • Expand your services with a B2B tyre webshop
  • Our TyreHotel application allows an easy way to help customers ship and retrieve tyres from your administration


You can count on us


Depending on your situation TyreStream® can be installed in one of our datacenters or on one of your machines locally.


During your startup, we provide intensive support and training to guarantee a successful launch.


At TyreStream®, all the necessary training will be provided to users. That way you will be up to date of all old and new functionality.


A team of experts is at your disposal during office hours. We can assist with technical issues for your software and hardware.

Online commute

TyreStream® is a connected application, which means it will be available as long as you have a internet connection.


The tyre industry is ever evolving, and so are we. Our software is supported by a team of capable developers.


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Reedonk 8, 2880 Bornem, België

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